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“I chose eFileCabinet thinking it might help. What I didn’t realize was how much time it was going to save me and how much more efficient I was going to be for my clients. When you’re more efficient, you’re more effective at what you do. And clients are happier. It’s a tax preparer’s dream.”

-Gloria Hill of Hill & Associates, Accounting

“With this electronic filing system, there’s only one place to look for a file. There’s not a question of whether Jane put it here, or Mary put it there. You can easily retrieve it, and you just search for keywords, you can search by date, you can search by who produced it. At the end of the day, what we found was that eFileCabinet has made us more efficient at what we do, and when we’re more efficient then our clients are more efficient.”

– Yvonne Thompson of AMES Recordkeeping Services, Accounting

“eFileCabinet has helped tremendously with our compliance. We always get audited by the Department of Health. Prior to eFileCabinet, those auditors would have a tough time going through our documentation. They’d usually spend two to three days here. After implementation of eFileCabinet, when they came in they only spent less than one day, and they said we were by far the best in the state.”

– Corey Kendall of DON Services, Non-profit Health Provider

No Matter the Industry, We Deliver


Requesting client files and securely sharing tax information reference

Tax season can result in a flurry of client files being shared back-and-forth for weeks on end. Getting the right files from clients, maintaining proper organization, and keeping everything secure can seem impossible at times.


Secure sharing portal and templates


Repetitive time-consuming tasks

Chances are you repeat similar tasks all day long. Hundreds of documents each day need processing and you have to perform the same task for every single document without making a mistake. The pressure and chaos can be overwhelming.


Workflows and Zonal OCR


Finding critical information wherever you are

Your legal clients have large amounts of data that you have to file, store, and have ready at a moments notice regardless if you’re at the office or in the courtroom. Those files are rarely standardized. Searching and finding specific text in a document can be a literal nightmare.


Full-text searching and mobile accessibility


Mountains of paper to process and track

The sheer amount of paper you have to keep track of for your clients is beyond overwhelming. Some files are paper, others are digital. You’re expected to maintain a clean and precise document organization for each and every single client.


Templates and easy to implement naming structures

Get ready for the world’s most

advanced document management tool.



Missing Item Search

Dual Screen Preview

Instant Sign In & Access Links

Email Import

Desktop App

Secure Sharing

Desktop App

Secure Sharing





Other key features

  • One system that does it all
  • More powerful templates
  • Automated workflows
  • Activity center
  • Portfolios
  • Enhanced security

  • Faster searching

  • Simple file requests

  • Advanced version control

  • Branded customization

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